Cataract Surgery

Cataract Surgery

When your lifestyle becomes significantly affected by your cataracts and surgery becomes necessary, rest assured that Dr. Rahul Pandit will provide you with excellent care at Houston Methodist Hospital.  Fortunately, today’s cataract surgery is a safe, quick outpatient procedure with a rapid recovery time that could transform your life!

Modern cataract surgery uses ultrasound to liquefy the cataract, which is then suctioned out through a tiny microincision that requires no sutures. An intraocular lens (IOL) is then inserted through the same microincision and placed into its proper and permanent position in the eye.

Laser-assisted cataract surgery makes the procedure even more precise and predictable than ever before. Benefits of Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery include:

  • A highly customizable procedure
  • Little to no discomfort
  • More precise treatment
  • Gentler and easier cataract removal
  • More rapid visual recovery

Basic cataract surgery corrects for most of your distance vision needs; most patients will still require glasses for precise distance vision clarity, as well as up-close reading and computer use. However, with premium lens options, often in combination with laser-assisted surgery, the need for distance glasses as well as bifocals or reading glasses could be eliminated altogether.

For additional information on premium lens options for cataract surgery, please click here.